About us

Justin Brekker is a financial broker with 13+ years of experience. While residing in the USA, he got interested in online trading. So, he started learning about stocks, IRA, and bitcoin.

Combining both his financial brokerage and information about trading, he started implementing what he knew. And surprisingly, his efforts bore fruit. Today, he is making more than six figures monthly.
All this success started from being curious about online trading. First, he observed the process and then started trading with a custodial account. Not long ago, he started this blog to share his knowledge and observation on stocks, IRA, and bitcoin.

He began sharing this knowledge by writing for several financial publications over the years. In addition to being an active investor and freelance writer, Justin has worked with startups in the financial industry serving both investors and public companies as a financial broker.

Justin received his bachelor’s from Yale University with a major in finance and a minor in real estate. He enjoys taking complex information and distilling it down to what matters, whether through writing content or algorithms.

He has a passion for finance because there has never been a better tool for wealth creation than the stock market, and it’s very rewarding to help people take advantage of it early on.